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Art Styles

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Mixed Media
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I use 3 different techniques for my Traditional Paintings. All of my art work is done in Acrylic Paint on Canvas. It is water based. I mix water to thin out paint and give it a watercolor affect or thicker layers for texture. Impasto is what gives the image an elevated 3D affect. I use layers of modeling paste and gel mediums. This application may take up to 24 hours to fully dry before applying color; even longer if adding 2nd or 3rd layers of paste for extra volume. Mixed Media includes Acrylic Paint, Impasto, iridescent mediums, mica flakes, glitter, and/or Swarovski crystals. Iridescent mediums gives a metallic and shimmery look. The final touches are Mica flakes, glitter, and/or Swarovski crystals. 

Traditional Custom Painting

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This Contemporary Artwork contains a variety of modern styles and unique colors to match any living space or office. Water contains 2 color tones with a strip of gold, silver, or copper glitter separating the 2 color tones giving off a calm oceanic look. Diamonds includes a textured combination of colors, with half of the canvas covered in gold, silver, or copper glitter. Marble speaks for itself with your choice of color combination and gold, silver, or copper glitter. Rooted has the effect of roots, including your choice of colors, and gold, silver or copper glitter. Heavens is a galactic heavenly style and the only one that contains Swarovski Crystals. Each Canvas is varnished with a clear gloss coat that keeps the glitter from rubbing off.

Contemporary Custom Painting

3 Tones
2 Tone
Accent Color
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This is a very fast paced style of art that is limited to 4 colors only: black, gold, silver, or/and copper and an accent color if desired.

Commission a Sketch on Canvas

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So where do we start?

Select the desired size of your painting and art style of your choice. Contact me or email me at Please send me pictures or images of your ideas and colors or textures and descriptive details. The more info you send the better! I'm very passionate about my art work. I want to ensure that you will receive an amazing piece! 

Pricing and Payment:

  • Prices vary on size and medium

  • I do offer monthly payment plans

  • First payment is required to begin work

Timing and Progress:

  • Progress on small commission work may take 1 - 3 months 
    •    Medium and large scale work may take 3 - 6 months or more 
    •    I will send you progress photos to keep you updated

Monthly Payments Plans:

  • 2 payments in 2 months --- 11"x14" or larger.​

  • 3 payments in 3 months --- 16"x20" or larger.​

  • 4 payments in 4 months --- 18"x24" or larger.​

  • 5 payments in 5 months --- 20"x24" or larger.​

  • 6 payments in 6 months --- 24"x36" or larger.

Payment plan options may change during sales.

Artwork will be held until payment plan is fully paid.

Shipping and Delivery:

Rates depend on your address. Shipping takes up to 7-14 days, after artwork is paid in full.

Originality/Sentimental value:

I understand that your art work may have sentimental value. You have the option to keep your artwork personal and private. With this option, I will NOT PRINT any commissioned work with intentions to sell. I will preserve the personal value and originality of your art piece. Images of commissioned art work may be displayed but not for reproduction sale. If this is an option you would prefer, please include that in your email.