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Why I chose not to do Abstract Art

I had just begun my journey as an artist and I had so much to learn and explore. I was visiting galleries and networking with different artists. An artist invited me to stop by and chat and possibly exhibit my artwork in his gallery. 

After spending a few hours conversing with him, I started to notice that he was trying to convince me to completely change my entire style of artwork. He tried to convince me to paint only abstract paintings, as he does because it sells a lot faster. Can you imagine if I had completely changed my art style to all abstract? I explained to him that it’s not my style. I thanked him for his time and as I walked away I knew that God‘s plans was better and it wouldn’t flourish in that establishment. 

I wasn’t willing to compromise the vision God gave me to meet a complete stranger’s vision. Had I done that I wouldn’t be where I’m at now. This art ministry wouldn’t be God led. It wouldn’t even exist. This style of art came from God. There is nothing wrong with Abstract Art. I love and enjoy Abstract very much! It would simply distort the visions God was pouring into me regarding this art ministry. I wouldn’t be impacting others through my art, the way I am now. I knew it was a test and I had to trust what God had called me to do, not what money was calling me to do.  In life we go through tests and trials but we must always be willing to stand confident and protect what God placed in us. He places visions and purposes that might work for others but not the same way for you. Don’t compromise or settle, for when we do, we limit God’s specific plans and may skip out on our own blessings. We must  always be obedient to His instructions in our lives and fully trust His plan for us. 

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