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• You Carried Me Still

• Art by Diana Castillo

• Acrylic on canvas

• 40”x30”

• Frame not included

This is the daytime version of my other foot prints painting called “You Carried Me”. In this life, you go through seasons where God walks by your side, holding your hand and there are other times that He has to carry you through even though you can see where you’re going you feel exhausted, you want to give up, you want to just let it all go but God and His grace, and His mercy steps in, picks you up and carries you Himself. He never gives up on you. Remember dreams have not been forgotten and He will still carry you again.

Shipping and Handling:

Rates depend on your address. Shipping takes up to 7-14 days, after artwork is paid in full.


$1,528.00 Regular Price
$1,222.40Sale Price
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