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• When Two Becomes One Flesh
• Art by Diana Castillo
• Acrylic Art
• Frame and Mat not included 

Each poster print includes a white border around image. This white border gives space for potential matting and framing.

These are 2 seperate images. When ordering this product, you will recieve both prints, each in the size you order. (Example: If you order 8"x10", you will receive both prints, each in size 8"x10".)

This is a set of two. I purposely painted the male lion on one canvas and the female on a seperate canvas. When the two paintings are apart, it is obvious that the male lion painting is a male lion and the female lion canvas is a lioness. But when these two images are brought together they become ONE image. When God pairs you up with His best, you become one flesh and have the opportunity to move in God's divine purpose. When living for God in obedience and for His will, God will unite you with your compatible partner and move mountains together! This painting was inspired by Genesis 2:22-24.


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