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• Unspoken Secrets
• Art by Diana Castillo
• Pastel on Paper
• Frame and Mat not included

All poster prints include a white border around image. This white border gives space for potential matting and framing.

I always saw writing in my journals as writing letters to God. I would pour my heart out filling every blank page with hurtful words, from a broken heart with hungry thoughts, turning myself inside out. It was through journaling that I could be transparent and honest about everything. 

It is not good to keep everything bottled up inside our hearts. There are moments we have to cry out, moments we have to go into deep prayer, moments we have to write, moments that we need to talk and share our emotions with others, moments we have to sit in the presence of God and just listen to His guidance and receive His comfort. It was through journaling that I wrote out my confessions, prayers and heart’s desires.


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