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• Living Water
• Art by Diana Castillo
• Acrylic on Paper
• Frame and Mat not included 

All poster prints include a white border around image. This white border gives space for potential matting and framing.

This painting symbolizes the transition into a new season. Whether you’re preparing for winter or spring, every season has a purpose. Whatever season you’re in right now, just remember that they only last for a moment, before the new season comes. We cannot escape these seasons for they’re a part of our life but you can control how you handle it. How you deal with every season will affect your character, personality, and perspective in life.    

Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior went through seasons too! He went through a peaceful and joyous season, followed by suffering, a struggle that lead him to the cross! But after all of that, He was risen!! The only time we will live an eternal happiness and peace is when we die on earth and live an eternal life with our Heavenly Father.


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